Monday, April 27, 2015

Is it Spring yet?

My oh my it sure has been a long winter here in the North East. I can't wait for some warm sunshiny 70 degrees weather. As a matter of fact our Thursday afternoon group started to knit cardigans for spring and warm weather. Below are some pictures of a very popular cardigan that we did and it all began with Pam.  Pam came in with this finished cardi knit in Ritratto a mohair blend, and we all fell in love with it. I ended up knitting 2 each in different fibers, Karen knit 4 also in different fibers and they all look wonderful and fit beautifully.  Pam has recently completed another, I forgot to get picture next time!! It such a fast project it literally took us 2 weeks to finish one sweater!!

Now at the same time I have been knitting and ripping  a top.

 Remember when I was knitting this top? It was a struggle, when I completed the back and began working on the front I noticed I was running low on yardage (as it happened I sold 4 hanks earlier and didn't realize) so I had 6 at 200 yds each, it should work right? Wrong the stitch ate quite a bit of yarn. So here we go rip.  I could have put it a side but I really like the yarn. It has great drape and it feels really soft for 100% cotton. Anyway to make a long story short I cast on 130 sts and followed  a pattern found on the internet "Shapely Tank Top" I liked the look of the tight fit on top and it has some short row shaping at the beginning plus I  would have enough yarn to make sleeves. I knitted and ripped till I had it just right. What I learned is from now on I will always use the crochet cast on. It's a great way to go back and add length to my top.  Because I was afraid that I didn't have enough yarn I made it shorter then I liked, but it turned out that I had plenty so I went back and ripped back the chain cast on, picked up all the stitches and Voila' perfect. No seam showed nothing notable. The top part fits perfectly and the sleeve length is great.  
I did change the pattern though. I didn't do the shaping like the original pattern, I decreased to the waist shaping more then required and  didn't increase for the bust so it turned out to be A-lined. Now after I completed it I realized that when the top is A-lined it needs to be a little longer then a regular top. So guess what I will be ripping out the bind off at the bottom and adding more rows (I still have some more yarn believe it or not!!)
 The yarn: Euro Baby Cuddly Cotton 202 yds 
 gauge on hank is 5.5sts = 1 in.

I got 17 sts = 4in. (4.25=1) on US6 needle make a big swatch!!

CO 135sts and decreased to 110 sts that made the A-line shape.
Cuddly Cotton A-Line top

Well I am knitting another top same pattern idea with a different yarn "Trendsetter Yarn" Zensation.  This time I CO 120 sts, we'll see how this top turns out.

A-line top in Zensation from Trendsetter Yarn

This winter I managed to finish this jacket knit in Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere still have to add buttons but that's for next winter (it is quite warm)!!

a pillow knit by Pam in Dream in Color Jilly

this is knit in Frolicking Feet DK one hank 250yds

 I love spring knitting, it's the best time to begin something new or learn a new technique, pattern or just have some fun. Get inspired with new fresh crisp yarns, cotton blends, merino/cotton blends or try knitting with linen!!
Check out my Pinterest page lots of free knit and crochet patterns also loads of inspiration!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Oh boy my last entry was in November and here we are in February!  How the time has passed, its been a busy whirlwind of a time.

Let me explain,  the Christmas holidays took a lot of my time.  I host Christmas Eve so very busy there,  we were 17 people and I do buffet style lots of cooking and preparing.
Plus I decided to get me a new puppy.  My new baby came into our lives January 10, 2015

His name is Rigoletto!  He is a Mini Schnauzer!!  Rigo has kept me very busy! He is so much fun.  He  is all I did for the month of January.  Puppies are so funny the crazy things they do, wow!

My knitting did go a little to the side just a little. I completed a cardigan that I was knitting with Debbie Bliss  Cashmere worsted weight.

Also picked back up the cotton top, finished the back and am on the front, I have an issue with this top though I kind of sold 3 hanks of it so I'm a little worried about the sleeves.  I might have to make small cap sleeve style.   :-(

Then Pam (one of the ladies from our knitting group) came in wearing this really pretty cardi that she had  knitted with Ritratto (mohair blend) gorgeous yarn in a very easy drop stitch pattern with a size 10 needle, we all flipped and are now making it as well! two of the ladies are using a beautiful black and purple Ritratto  I decided to knit it in summer weight (Lucci Yarns) Lucca.  It such a fast pattern I'm almost done.  I'm sure Karen is done as well!!

Well that's it for now.  Hopefully I will be back on track!  Don't forget to join me on Facebook and Pinterest I keep lots of info there!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
The holidays have arrived I hope you are all prepared!! We here at the studio have been busy rearranging the studio to make the most of the available space.  I'm sure by now you all know how much I love yarn!! So I just added more wall space for yarn to display plus I've enlisted the help of my husband electrician and have more spot lights and still I want more!  Hampden Hills Alpaca Magic is due to come in anytime now (Can't wait). 

Also I received a dozen Noro Magazines if any of you  are interested please email they are not listed on website.  The magazine normally retails for $9.99 and for nonnas customer they are $7.99 a 20% discount.  Most of our yarns are a min. of 20% discount but only if you email your order I can't do it thru website.  Also the studio is always open (it's my walkout basement)  email or text me, to make sure I'm in, when you want to come  to see/touch/feel the yarns!!  By the way we do meet every Thursday afternoon from 12:30 - 3:00,  we have a great group of ladies!!

I have also been busy finishing some project and adding some. The picture below is a little wrap for what I call a Nickie size!   :-)  This yarn is 100% American spun natural color donated by Anita the Alpaca from Hampden Hills Alpaca!!!  It has 300 yds/ 4 oz , and it is so wonderful to knit with then you give it a bath and wow does it ever bloom!!!

In retrospect I should have purchased one more hank but didn't know at the time what I was going to knit with it.  I love the pattern too its called "Lace Cables" its an 8 row repeat and a multiple of 11 stitches plus 7 did a little math and I cast on 70 sts (4 garter sts on each side) also I used a size 7 needle I wanted it to be a loose knit.

This cardi I used Romney Ridge Farm worsted yarn called Fire.  I was worried about this yarn cause it felt rather scratchy but after soaking for a while in wool wash it really soften up quite a bit and its great!  The pattern is also a quick one first off I knitted with size 9 needle so you know that goes quick.  I begin with one front knit to the desired length then increase for sleeve, maybe 8 sts, continue to shoulder then put on hold go and work on other side.  Once you have both fronts at the same point put center sts ( I put the border sts plus 5) on hold and put remaining sts back on needle,  work across to the sts on hold now you have to cast on for back of neck (not as many as you have on hold) then continue to other end.  Now you are working on the back of your sweater.  Continue to you reach sleeve increase of the front (fold at neck edge, I put marker)  but now you decrease the same amount of sts. Continue to end!!  love this pattern I was able to complete in less then 2 weeks. By the way as with any hand dyed yarn alternate hanks so the yarns combine in color.  There is no written pattern for this cardigan I just play around with the gauge and calculate more or less  how many to cast on for one front!!!

Finally I have a video which I tried to download here but did not work however I do have it on facebook here is the link: 
Not sure weather it will work.  Its a video  of the studio. Enjoy!!

Once again Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


This is color Chick-a-dee from Hampden Hills Alpaca, just the softest alpaca yet. The pattern is one of mine. (I know I can't take good pictures but trust me its a great fit perfect to cuddle in).

Met with Erica the owner dyer from Hampden Hills at Rhinebeck and it was like reconnecting with an old friend.  Very sweet. Anyway come November, which is soon, I should be receiving some "Magic" a chunky worsted alpaca in just gorgeous hand dyed colors!  I can't wait!!!!


This shawl Is a free pattern on Ravelry "Demalangeni" from Wendy Neal and the color, "Into The Shadows"  a great pattern and perfect yarn.  My sister love it she wore it to Rhinebeck!

The Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze

Friday, September 19, 2014


Well I finally finished the TCNJ Afghan for my son!! Hurray it took a while but a whole season of King Henry the VIII made it much easier to complete!   :-)  Now to my next project!!  I have a few that need to be picked up and completed  b...u...t...  I thought of something else   ;-} 

The new yarns arrived these past couple of days and well they are scrumptious really really scrumptious!! Let me tell you a bit about each and then we will see if you agree with me!!

Okay now here are
"The Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze
If you once loved Koigu you will love these yarns.  Peppino is a beautiful 100% merino high twisted fingering weight hand painted as only Rhichard can do.


 These two are the Worsted weights they are soo squishy soft

They will all soon be on the website!! 
So many choices..... 

Meanwhile go check out these wonderful patterns  on ravelry 
by Emma Fassio ,  (this one is free)  and  I found one more 

Next new arrival is
Done Roving Yarns Frolicking Feet Transition!
Oh my these are flying off the shelf!! well no,... they haven't  made it on any shelf!!
Look how cool the packaging is!!

The Savanna by Jen Lucas on Ravelry


This is to give you an idea of how the colors work up!

Danielle on Ravelry


This pattern will comes free with purchase of yarn!

Hampden Hills Alpaca

Remember last posting where I talked about Hampden Hills Alpaca,  as soon as it arrived 2 colors found new homes!  I am left with Sangria and Chickadee (top left).  This yarn is so unbelievably soft it just glides on your hands!!

I've decided to knit my ever so popular "P2tog" Cardi with the Chickadee color and hopefully have it finished in time for the NY Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY.
I plan to visit Erica from Hampden Hills Alpaca,  therefore my thought was to be wearing this cardigan knitted up in her yarn.  Wouldn't that be perfect.  Wish me luck!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy Fall

Labor Day the un official end of summer and beginning of Fall.  The weather warmed up like summer for that week but now there's a nip in the air and it's so refreshing.  The Farmers Almanac is predicting a brutal winter for us and I've notice on the website people are gearing up already.  Sales have picked up and I don't blame them.  Last winter was very long and very cold.  I used my "Great American Afghan" all winter long. I knitted this afghan with 100% merino and let me tell you its so warm!  I actually never finished the edge.  Here is a picture as you can see no edging, I do have the yarn to finish it but I could not wait. 
It was fun  knitting each square, even though some square were a bit more challenging then others but we sure learned quite a bit.
Now I am about finished with another afghan this one is for my son in college, his school colors blue and gold. The yarn I used is Louisa Harding Kashmir worsted (blue) and Ella Rae Lace Merino Chunky (gold).  Both yarns are washable wools!! not that he will ever wash it

Shop news!! 
Three new yarns are coming in this fall!  First in is Hampden Hills Alpaca!! As you can see I am just testing the waters and purchased just four colors in the Cree-Ah's Breath which is a 100% Alpaca yarn. Its a dk weight and WoW is this yarn melt in your hands soft!!   This yarn arrived Tuesday haven't even entered into the website and I have 2 colors left. Karen came by the Studio and just could not put it down it was very difficult for Karen to decide which color!
Then Nickie came and quickly picked her favorite and ran did even have a chance to take a picture!!
So you ask which colors are left, the Cheekadee and the Sangria !!

Two more yarns will be coming soon "The Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze" also another scrumptious yarn that I had the pleasure to play with and loved it. 

a 100% Merino superwash hand dyed by Mr Devrieze.  I knitted these little swatches from sample skeins he had sent me and just loved it.  They are due to arrive any day now!!
Here is a shawl found on Ravelry "The age of Brass and steam kerchief " (Free pattern) using this really lovely yarn.

AND lastly {for now :-)}  is Done Roving Yarns the Frolicking Feet DK Transitions yarn
also a hand dyed yarn (Can you see the trend)and  look how cool it knits up!!!
The Danielle--Ravelry Download 

Till next time Happy Knitting and/or Crocheting  :-)
Don't forget to check out my Pintrest I have a board for free knit and one for free crochet patters that I find around the internet!!!