Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Daisy Wrap

One afternoon I was browsing through ArtYarn's website (love the new look) and was intrigued by this colorway I thought it would probably be more of the cream color and just some blotches of bright colors here and there.  So I decided to order it in silver, can't go wrong with some glitz!!
Love it!  It's Silk Rhapsody Light color 172 Gold! When it arrived at the shop couldn't wait to start so I wound one up and look at how the colors show up interesting.   I started swatching, what shall I make with it?  It definitely will be a shawl or wrap, only have 2 hanks.  So I start!!!

Knitted with size 8 stst. look where the colors fall, size 8 is too big, I knit kind of loose, went down to 7 still too loose then changed stitch.  I found it in my little book the daisy stitch,  I sounded interesting so I gave it a try.  It's only 4 row repeat,  not difficult where I can loose track but not so boring that I will give up, just the right amount of interest.
well as it happens in a yarn shop (at the time) several of the ladies fell in love with this yarn and stitch.  Therefore now we are 7 knitting the "Daisy Wrap"

this pictures shows 2 hanks finished I needed a third, so I called ArtYarn and ordered one more for each of us.  I am almost there,  it is so Luxuriously Yummy soft!!

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