Friday, January 28, 2011

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Thanks and Good Nite
Nickie and Nancy showing off their knitted fashions!
this is the back of my daughter's sweater, she made it as a finalist in their contest-- very very proud mama here!!
Tahki Stacy Charles Fashion Show

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My apologies

You have to forgive the absence -- I have been more on Facebook. But I have to post these great pix from VK Live we had such a great time. We arrived at the hotel around 11:00 am Sunday and went straight to the market place and we were greeted by a very lovely lady who admired my floating stitch mohair scarf, then once inside the excitement was buzzing everywhere. First thing we did was deliver the hats and we met Debbie McComber there. What a lovely person she is, so sweet and was very very excited to see all the baby hats we had (abt 50)
Also I have to mention the next floor up what an entrance! Loved the maniquines who ever thought of that must be super creative!!