Saturday, April 26, 2014

Baby Blanket completed!!

Well What do you think?   It turned out to measure 23 X 31". Only 2 hanks!!  It grew a bit when wet blocked.  This would make a beautiful wrap just I would cast on less like half the amount and go for it. Can  you imagine,  there are so many gorgeous colors available!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Diagonal Cluster Lace

How cute is this stitch?  I have 2 hanks of this yarn Done Roving, Frolicking Feet DK, Superwash Merion, each hank has 350 yds so  a total of 700yds and I need to knit a baby blanket with it (mom likes all the colors, Blue Ridge Bobbies).  Well I played with about 4 different stitches until I came across this particular stitch.  I think the color work perfect with it.  I am alternating hanks which is always suggested when using hand dyed yarns.
Okay the pattern:

Diagonal Cluster Lace
Multiple of 3 sts

Row 1:  (WS) Purl
Row 2:  K2 *yo, k3, pass first of the 3 knit sts over the 2nd and3rd sts; rep from *, end K1.
Row 3:  Purl.
Row4:  K1, *K3, pass first of the 3 knit sts over the 2nd and 3rd sts, yo; rep from * end K2.
Rep rows 1--4 .

I crochet cast on 160, sts knitted a garter st border of 13 rows giving me 6 ridges then I am keeping 8 sts in garter then started the pattern (144 sts) I knit kind of loose so I am knitting with a size US5 needle. I like it to be a loose knit rather then tight or to gauge knit.  It makes for  a very bouncy soft feel. so far it measures about 30" wide and  it should be enough to make it at least 30" long.

By the way go   to see all the other colors that are available.