Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weaving !!

As you all know I have been weaving lately, and its been such fun once I have the loom dressed it goes pretty quick and before you know it I'm done!  But "dressing" that loom is what takes the most patience for me.  I can't seem to get the right tension, I start off in perfect tension all across but as I go on weaving  the warp sag either in the middle or on one side it does not remain tight.  So I take a break go back to my knitting and then try again.  Mean while this is what I finished!

I used Lucci Yarn as weft and 2 strands of cotton thread as warp.  Love how the two yarns interact.  I imagined that because I used 2 very thing threads that it would have been a tight weave but no it actually turned out to have a very soft drape.
The next group were woven first with the same warp but I used "Cuddly Cotton from Euro Baby (KFI) as weft thinking of kitchen towels but still the warp was way to thin so I will use as place mats.

 I will try it again but I knitted a swatch with Cuddly Cotton and I love it, so I might be knitting me a summer top with it now ;o)
I am going to keep practicing dressing this loom till I get it right, it will take some time.

After handling the cotton, my juices have been flowing towards designing summer tops. I am trying to restrain myself I have to finish the Mink cardigan.  I  have one front completed and half way thru the other front, just saying!

Isn't this sweet?  You should feel it, it is just a cloud of puff on  my  hands!

I would like to be finished to be able to wear it by Spring! 

As I said though, my juices have been flowing and I have been feeling like some cabling and this one particular yarn on my wall has been calling my name  "Autumn Wind" from Lotus Yarns.

It's 90% cotton and 10% cashmere and it
feels really, really yummy.
This is what I am thinking of..........pretty yes? I still have some more figuring to do. Who knows it might change all together next time we meet.

Monday, January 20, 2014

A new yarn arrival for us

Euro Baby Cuddly Cotton is a 100% Cotton yarn that is great for big and small kids. The generously sized hanks have approximately 202 yards per 100g, while the suggested gauge is 5.5 sts per inch on a US 5 needle.

We have 4 colors in stock 3 hanks already found new homes
I love this cotton it has a great stitch definition and a great drape.  at the moment Karen and I are weaving with it but next I am planning a top down sweater!

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

For that Little Black Dress!!

Look who just stopped by! Nickie with her finished wrap. Its really gorgeous it only took two Artyarn's beaded Silk hank, and Pam will be knitting it with Artyarn's Beaded Silk Rhapsody in color H-11s can you imagine how heavenly it will be?
(pattern free with purchase of yarn)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello, the new year and Karen :-) brought me to weaving,  I am having so much fun!!  Look at all I have done so far.  The three place mats completely finished, I crocheted the side edges to hide the "bad" sides. Then I couldn't wait to "dress" the loom again and this time I "slayed" from front to back to see if that gave me a easier better result. Not sure just yet, the result was the same.  I'm trying to minimize yarn waist. It took about 3-4 days to dress the loom and in 3 days I was done weaving the project (second set of picture)  I wove a shawl!!  So excited!  I will be wet blocking it today then I'll post a picture of it on my maniquin.  I will be trying again this time I will dress the loom from back to front with the nail board hubby made for me and we'll see if it will turn out better. 


But don't worry I can't forget my knitting, I was dying to knit with Lotus's Mimi  the 100% mink yarn.  I've had my eye on this color and double it up using a size 9 needle and found this really nice stitch and a cardigan on the making. Love working with this yarn it really is amazingly soft!!! You have to try at least knit a scarf or a wrap each hank has over 300 yds.  It goes a long way!! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

 All laid out to dry, wove three mats for the island top!! 
Once I had all the yarn on the loom it went relatively quick. Only thing I need to figure out how to make them all the same size.  I have three lengths one longer then the other :)
I did learn to do a hem stitch which gives a nice edge to the fringe.
The yarn I used was Berroco's Seduce from a while a go.

I made a mistake on the mat above and liked the result so I tried it on this one on the left can you see it?

I have already measured and warped another project  and I am threading from front to back of the loom instead of back to front.  I shall see which way is easier, I'll let you know.

But what fun another great way to use all that lovely yarn!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all!!  May 2014  bring more knitting and crocheting time for you.  I always find  January to be perfect for new beginnings, new projects, great inspiration to try my hand on something totally different.  But at the same time always include all the fiber love that is in my studio!!

Not too long ago we were talking about weaving.  I  tried then put it away, I  have a knitters loom from  Ashford and it is really simple to use.  I have taught myself to  weave plain scarves and actually sold some.  I also have a 4 shaft Schacht table loom and it's not so simple to use and as you can see below I am trying again.  Karen inspired me to go back to it, the plan is Karen is purchasing a 28" Ridged Heddle Loom (similar to the knitters loom) and we  will be  making place mats.  Now I couldn't wait and tried it.

    You tube is a wonderful thing!  I'm not quite there yet obviously but I will persevere.

At the same time I had to complete a last minute Christmas gift so needless to say the gift was a little late but just the same the recipient was thrilled to receive it. Loved knitting this stitch its only a 2 row repeat and the wrong side is purl across so basically its one row to worry about.

Cast on a multiple of 10 plus 1 (I did 41 size 10 needle on a sport weight yarn)   
Row 1: RS, K1 *yo, k3, K3tog, K3, yo, K1*  repeat
Row 2: WS, Purl
That's it, just repeat those 2 rows till your desired length! I did 3 balls with a fringe about 6 in.
It's a loose knit, remember the looser the work the more drape it will have.

At the same time weaving in the day time, in the evening I'm knitting a cardigan with Lotus Mimi (the Mink) yarn, double strand and  a size 9 needle. This one will be interesting the pattern is developing as I go so we shall see how it will turn out!  Pictures will come soon.

New Yarn Alert! ! ! ! !  Euro Baby Cuddly Cotton its 100% cotton in multi colors no pictures yet in the process of taking them.  Keep a look out on the website!!