Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weaving !!

As you all know I have been weaving lately, and its been such fun once I have the loom dressed it goes pretty quick and before you know it I'm done!  But "dressing" that loom is what takes the most patience for me.  I can't seem to get the right tension, I start off in perfect tension all across but as I go on weaving  the warp sag either in the middle or on one side it does not remain tight.  So I take a break go back to my knitting and then try again.  Mean while this is what I finished!

I used Lucci Yarn as weft and 2 strands of cotton thread as warp.  Love how the two yarns interact.  I imagined that because I used 2 very thing threads that it would have been a tight weave but no it actually turned out to have a very soft drape.
The next group were woven first with the same warp but I used "Cuddly Cotton from Euro Baby (KFI) as weft thinking of kitchen towels but still the warp was way to thin so I will use as place mats.

 I will try it again but I knitted a swatch with Cuddly Cotton and I love it, so I might be knitting me a summer top with it now ;o)
I am going to keep practicing dressing this loom till I get it right, it will take some time.

After handling the cotton, my juices have been flowing towards designing summer tops. I am trying to restrain myself I have to finish the Mink cardigan.  I  have one front completed and half way thru the other front, just saying!

Isn't this sweet?  You should feel it, it is just a cloud of puff on  my  hands!

I would like to be finished to be able to wear it by Spring! 

As I said though, my juices have been flowing and I have been feeling like some cabling and this one particular yarn on my wall has been calling my name  "Autumn Wind" from Lotus Yarns.

It's 90% cotton and 10% cashmere and it
feels really, really yummy.
This is what I am thinking of..........pretty yes? I still have some more figuring to do. Who knows it might change all together next time we meet.

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