Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mohair The "Diamond" Fiber!!

As I was researching for newsletter I came across this definition from Wikipedia: 
**Mohair usually refers to a silk-like fabric or yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat.    It is one of the oldest textile fibers in use.  It is notable for its high luster and sheen, which has helped give it the nickname the "Diamond Fiber", Mohair is warm in winter as it has great insulating properties, while remaining cool in summer due to its moisture wicking properties. It is durable, naturally elastic, flame resistant, crease resistant, and does not felt. It is considered to be a luxury fiber, like cashmere, angora and silk, and is usually more expensive than most wool that comes from sheep. **  

I love the term "Diamond Fiber"  Especially since TSC- S. Charles,   has a mohair with a hint of sparkle that looks like it was sprinkled with diamond dust called Luna. We have 4 different colors in stock of this particular mohair. Let me show you:

There are more on website go over to see all the available colors.  (click under fiber - Mohair) Also while you are there go and sign up to receive our emails.  Today I sent out an email with a special code that gives everyone that purchases any Mohair 10% discount plus Links to some free pattern showcasing this fabulous yarn. Just for you and for this one time I'll share the code with you [2222] ;o)

We will actually be doing a KAL using mohair beginning next Thursday.  I have prepared kits for the ladies and we will start knitting next week.  I'll share some pictures then.

Check out Nonna's Yarn Pintrest page as well !!
See you next week !!

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