Wednesday, March 10, 2010

S P R I N G !!!!!

How wonderful to feel the sun in your face. Finally it seems that spring wants to join us here in Norther New Jersey. In our shop little tulips have sprung up next to our new season yarns.
Tahkis, Filatura, Berroco, Noro, Schulana, Prism, plus others I just recall have come in. Already the new Prism ribbons have run out and we are awaiting a reorder. Everyone chose ribbons to knit the KAL thinking spring and well they should. Our KAL turn out was great despite the big snow flakes that were coming down. We are very appreciative to all of you who managed to drive in, it really was a scary drive home, so therefore thank you, thank you. Our KAL vest/jacket is coming along very nicely. Last night I saw quite a few of you well on your way.
Pictures, I love to take the pix and I have quite a few in my camara but I haven't had time to down load. I apologyze to those of you who are waiting for them, I promise it shall be done soon.

When I see and smell this wonderful spring sunshine my knitting and crocheting hands look for the feel of cottons well I am now crocheting a wonderfully easy cardi with FIlatura's new ribbon cotton Virgolino its sooo pretty the cardi has a very lacy effect and its all in one piece to the underarm.

Well I have to get to work now! Thankfully we have been busy with classes both in crochet and knit.