Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Oh boy my last entry was in November and here we are in February!  How the time has passed, its been a busy whirlwind of a time.

Let me explain,  the Christmas holidays took a lot of my time.  I host Christmas Eve so very busy there,  we were 17 people and I do buffet style lots of cooking and preparing.
Plus I decided to get me a new puppy.  My new baby came into our lives January 10, 2015

His name is Rigoletto!  He is a Mini Schnauzer!!  Rigo has kept me very busy! He is so much fun.  He  is all I did for the month of January.  Puppies are so funny the crazy things they do, wow!

My knitting did go a little to the side just a little. I completed a cardigan that I was knitting with Debbie Bliss  Cashmere worsted weight.

Also picked back up the cotton top, finished the back and am on the front, I have an issue with this top though I kind of sold 3 hanks of it so I'm a little worried about the sleeves.  I might have to make small cap sleeve style.   :-(

Then Pam (one of the ladies from our knitting group) came in wearing this really pretty cardi that she had  knitted with Ritratto (mohair blend) gorgeous yarn in a very easy drop stitch pattern with a size 10 needle, we all flipped and are now making it as well! two of the ladies are using a beautiful black and purple Ritratto  I decided to knit it in summer weight (Lucci Yarns) Lucca.  It such a fast pattern I'm almost done.  I'm sure Karen is done as well!!

Well that's it for now.  Hopefully I will be back on track!  Don't forget to join me on Facebook and Pinterest I keep lots of info there!!