Monday, April 27, 2015

Is it Spring yet?

My oh my it sure has been a long winter here in the North East. I can't wait for some warm sunshiny 70 degrees weather. As a matter of fact our Thursday afternoon group started to knit cardigans for spring and warm weather. Below are some pictures of a very popular cardigan that we did and it all began with Pam.  Pam came in with this finished cardi knit in Ritratto a mohair blend, and we all fell in love with it. I ended up knitting 2 each in different fibers, Karen knit 4 also in different fibers and they all look wonderful and fit beautifully.  Pam has recently completed another, I forgot to get picture next time!! It such a fast project it literally took us 2 weeks to finish one sweater!!

Now at the same time I have been knitting and ripping  a top.

 Remember when I was knitting this top? It was a struggle, when I completed the back and began working on the front I noticed I was running low on yardage (as it happened I sold 4 hanks earlier and didn't realize) so I had 6 at 200 yds each, it should work right? Wrong the stitch ate quite a bit of yarn. So here we go rip.  I could have put it a side but I really like the yarn. It has great drape and it feels really soft for 100% cotton. Anyway to make a long story short I cast on 130 sts and followed  a pattern found on the internet "Shapely Tank Top" I liked the look of the tight fit on top and it has some short row shaping at the beginning plus I  would have enough yarn to make sleeves. I knitted and ripped till I had it just right. What I learned is from now on I will always use the crochet cast on. It's a great way to go back and add length to my top.  Because I was afraid that I didn't have enough yarn I made it shorter then I liked, but it turned out that I had plenty so I went back and ripped back the chain cast on, picked up all the stitches and Voila' perfect. No seam showed nothing notable. The top part fits perfectly and the sleeve length is great.  
I did change the pattern though. I didn't do the shaping like the original pattern, I decreased to the waist shaping more then required and  didn't increase for the bust so it turned out to be A-lined. Now after I completed it I realized that when the top is A-lined it needs to be a little longer then a regular top. So guess what I will be ripping out the bind off at the bottom and adding more rows (I still have some more yarn believe it or not!!)
 The yarn: Euro Baby Cuddly Cotton 202 yds 
 gauge on hank is 5.5sts = 1 in.

I got 17 sts = 4in. (4.25=1) on US6 needle make a big swatch!!

CO 135sts and decreased to 110 sts that made the A-line shape.
Cuddly Cotton A-Line top

Well I am knitting another top same pattern idea with a different yarn "Trendsetter Yarn" Zensation.  This time I CO 120 sts, we'll see how this top turns out.

A-line top in Zensation from Trendsetter Yarn

This winter I managed to finish this jacket knit in Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere still have to add buttons but that's for next winter (it is quite warm)!!

a pillow knit by Pam in Dream in Color Jilly

this is knit in Frolicking Feet DK one hank 250yds

 I love spring knitting, it's the best time to begin something new or learn a new technique, pattern or just have some fun. Get inspired with new fresh crisp yarns, cotton blends, merino/cotton blends or try knitting with linen!!
Check out my Pinterest page lots of free knit and crochet patterns also loads of inspiration!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Oh boy my last entry was in November and here we are in February!  How the time has passed, its been a busy whirlwind of a time.

Let me explain,  the Christmas holidays took a lot of my time.  I host Christmas Eve so very busy there,  we were 17 people and I do buffet style lots of cooking and preparing.
Plus I decided to get me a new puppy.  My new baby came into our lives January 10, 2015

His name is Rigoletto!  He is a Mini Schnauzer!!  Rigo has kept me very busy! He is so much fun.  He  is all I did for the month of January.  Puppies are so funny the crazy things they do, wow!

My knitting did go a little to the side just a little. I completed a cardigan that I was knitting with Debbie Bliss  Cashmere worsted weight.

Also picked back up the cotton top, finished the back and am on the front, I have an issue with this top though I kind of sold 3 hanks of it so I'm a little worried about the sleeves.  I might have to make small cap sleeve style.   :-(

Then Pam (one of the ladies from our knitting group) came in wearing this really pretty cardi that she had  knitted with Ritratto (mohair blend) gorgeous yarn in a very easy drop stitch pattern with a size 10 needle, we all flipped and are now making it as well! two of the ladies are using a beautiful black and purple Ritratto  I decided to knit it in summer weight (Lucci Yarns) Lucca.  It such a fast pattern I'm almost done.  I'm sure Karen is done as well!!

Well that's it for now.  Hopefully I will be back on track!  Don't forget to join me on Facebook and Pinterest I keep lots of info there!!