Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello, the new year and Karen :-) brought me to weaving,  I am having so much fun!!  Look at all I have done so far.  The three place mats completely finished, I crocheted the side edges to hide the "bad" sides. Then I couldn't wait to "dress" the loom again and this time I "slayed" from front to back to see if that gave me a easier better result. Not sure just yet, the result was the same.  I'm trying to minimize yarn waist. It took about 3-4 days to dress the loom and in 3 days I was done weaving the project (second set of picture)  I wove a shawl!!  So excited!  I will be wet blocking it today then I'll post a picture of it on my maniquin.  I will be trying again this time I will dress the loom from back to front with the nail board hubby made for me and we'll see if it will turn out better. 


But don't worry I can't forget my knitting, I was dying to knit with Lotus's Mimi  the 100% mink yarn.  I've had my eye on this color and double it up using a size 9 needle and found this really nice stitch and a cardigan on the making. Love working with this yarn it really is amazingly soft!!! You have to try at least knit a scarf or a wrap each hank has over 300 yds.  It goes a long way!! 

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