Tuesday, August 13, 2013

closings and beginings

Hello one and all!!

I really has been a while, lots has changed from way back when.  To recap the actual store front is now closed.  After the flood (Irene)  we struggled to get back on our feet, we lost so much inventory it was impossible to replace all at once, we did give it a good try at least I think we did but...we decided to close the doors and take it home...... So now I have been thinking of an on line shop.  I will give it a shot.  Why not I have loads of yarn some new some old, so keep an eye out for my new website, "Josey's Yarn Studio" or keep it "Nonna's Yarn Studio"  I like Studio to be in it.  You can see from my picture I do have plenty of room, also there are many more pictures on our Facebook page. I'm on Facebook often. 
This is the story so far, I'm working on cataloging  and organizing all the yarns  and don't think that I'm not knitting as well. I have 3 project going on two of them more then half way through!!
So what do  you think?   (by the way please don't criticize my writing,  I'm trying!!)
alright "y" then I will try to be punctual and jot down some words at least once a week hoping to amuse and intrigue you all.

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