Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our new class list has been posted in our website. There are a lot of titles for you to choose from. The top down sweater class is already filling up. We might schedule two classes, a weekday and a Saturday. This class consist of you designing your own style of a top down knit sweater. You will choose which ever yarn of any weight and in our first class we shall shape it to our liking and then gauge it. In our second meeting we will have the pattern and begin our sweater.

Also very exciting is that we have Shari teach the crochet mitered square. It is one of Shari published patterns. She will have a sample for us to see at the shop soon.

A small sample of the cable shrug is on my needles. It really is a beautiful cable stitch. and
I am almost finished with the hairpin lace shawl.

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