Friday, March 27, 2009

what's on your needles?

Spring has sprung--maybe-- one should only hope--
With the peeking signs of warm weather we are all concentrating in knitting/crocheting with soft light weight cottons and transitional wools. I noticed that customers are moving in that direction.
Most of the ladies who took the top down sweater class chose to knit with some blend of cotton.
Now that I finished Natalie's and my daughter's sweaters I am knitting the cropped cardi from Vogue of last spring with Tahki's Sky. Let me tell you that is one nice cotton to knit with!
The stitch definition is remarkable and the knitting really goes quick, I'm almost done with the back. I started Tuesday.
It has been rather quite this past week, so I knit, knit, knit. Wont let perfectly good hours go to waste!
Nickie also has been knitting a red top in Cascades Cotton Rich and because she knit much too loose she had to go to a size 3 needle. And she is up to the arm hole shaping.
We do keep busy. :)

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