Friday, November 22, 2013

Almost Complete

A sleeve is done!  yes one more to go,  this was the easiest sleeve I ever knitted.  I hate knitting sleeves I usually knit them at the same time cause I know I'll never finish them or they are different lengths  but knitting this sleeve was really quick and fun to knit.  I have to split my time from knitting the sleeve, knitting scarves for my cousin in Yonkers, she is having a "Ladies night out" event and needs to fill a booth with wears so I was asked if I would be interested to sell hand knits scarves and  hats or any small item. The knits need to be in by December 3rd, plus Thanksgiving planning, and website management, what do you think, can I do it all?  I shall definitely try.  So got to go.  PS  Just ordered some really pretty yarn from Hampden Hills Farm, Mass.  can't wait plus they sell hand woven dish towel that I have been drooling over so I ordered two.  Okay gotta go..  Pictures soon!!

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