Friday, May 9, 2014

Cuddly Cotton and Zooming Away!!

First off I want to tell you about the Cuddly Cotton, originally I purchased it for weaving,  well I decided to knit a swatch  just to see how the color worked up and  to feel the fabric drape. The stitch definition is just right the drape on size 6 needle is light and soft so forget the weaving design myself a summer top.  Went to my software and designed a A-Line shaped top with raglan 1/2 length sleeves and round neck with a little collar. The stitch I decided on is the broken rib which is a simple stitch to remember.  This is how far I am.  My gauge 24 sts 34 rows in stitch pattern = 4"

 You can see more of the colors on the website and for this month its 40% off !!!
Cuddly Cotton, 100% cotton, 100 gr. 202 yds color 105 Lot 31 

 The reason why I am only up to that point is that I just had an over whelming feeling to purchase a Zoom Loom and boy am I on a roll, put all knitting down for now 2 weeks and just Zooming away.
Its the most satisfying feeling to finish a square in just 20 min. a square is complete with the minimal amount of yarn.  I have been weaving all the little bits of yarn I can't and wont throw away!  ;o)
My enthusiasm was so contagious that Karen just could not resist and purchased one for herself. Now we are going crazy designing with squares.  We discovered that we can make triangles with this loom which gave us more ideas we can do shaping such as cardis or tops.  First thing I did after sampling all different yarns is a table mat because that's how far the yarn went.
This is a yarn from Cascade called Copa.  It really  is 100% Viscose.  It come in small tubes and it's a little stiff so it comes off the loom in a perfect square. I only had partial tube in my stash and I managed to get 16 squares then took cotton thread and crocheted around each square and attached as I went.   Here are some pictures of my sampling different yarns!!

The beginning!!

 Then when I played with the above yarn another old yarn from stash  Filatura Di Crosa "Tiffany" a cotton blend with 103 yds (I have only 3) I managed to make 13 squares from one hank so my plan is to make a small cardigan. Next will be a Noro yarn maybe the sock weight can you immagine!!!

By the way these are Karen's squares made with Prism yarn!

 Till next time  Happy Mother's day to you all!!!!

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