Monday, August 4, 2014

It's Been Some Time

Hello Friends, 

It has been a while, sometimes life takes over and you have no control over it.  June/July brought HS graduation for my youngest and then a chain reaction of college visits.  Till he decided and then more college visits and paper work and get ready to pack up.  That's where we are at now, finalizing all that is required and he will be off by the end of the month.  Quite exciting for him, overwhelming for me.  

My knitting is what is keeping me sane and focused, what I keep doing is begin new projects. I am up to 5 different patterns, a couple of cardigans, a top, a shawl, and of course an afghan for my college bound child.  Also needed some instant gratification and crocheted 2 shawls and completed. But my latest cast on is  a shawl which  keeps me knitting right now, this project I am really enjoying.  It's a stitch I found on Pinterest (Love Pinterest) but what makes it fun is combining yarns and colors that work with a particular stitch.
Here below are some pictures,

this is the afghan for my youngest, its much larger now
its coming along

If you look back in May  I began this project.  I was in a cotton/summer mood and decided to knit a top which I take with me when I need an easy mindless project. It will eventually grow up to be a A-Line top.

 This is the Mimi  Mink  yarn cardigan,  I look at it and promise myself to finish it.  Can't have it on sleep mode for too long cause then I will forget what my plan was.

Here is another project on vacation!  This is an old yarn from Debbie Bliss, the 100% Cashmere chunky from my stash.  Love this yarn and I stocked up quite a bit of this color.

And when I'm in an instant gratification mode I jump to crochet.  This was a great feeling to finishing in 2 days.  Also this is some yarn from my stash. I just had enough to finish this shawl.  
An original pattern!

 Here is another, this was crocheted with E.L. Silky wool and thread.

Another original pattern. 

How do you like?

And now this is what I am working on now and kind most excited about it.  I love the colors and the stitch.  The color of the yarn work perfectly with this stitch and a little "copper" sparkle goes a long way. The yarn is Done Roving Frolicking Feet DK in "Copper Pennies".  This shawl/wrap is working up rather quickly or should I say I am working it more and more.  I'm aiming to finish this one!!

At the beginning of this post I stated 5 projects well as you can see it's actually 7.  Wow I must stop adding new projects and finish some. 

This is a good way for me to keep track, how many of you have this same itch of starting"ites" ?

Till next time !!

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