Monday, December 30, 2013

A Look Back and A Look Forward

Can you believe it another year gone by. It seems a year slips by in a blink of an eye,  so much happens we almost forget what projects we started 2013 with.  It seem such a long time ago. 
Looking back  to the beginning of 2013 I tried my hand with weaving. I purchased the "Knitters Loom" from Ashford and love it, then I borrowed a 4 shaft table loom and wow the possibilities.  I am now more and more curious about it. To me its another way to enjoy all the yarns that I have accumulated.  Especially the very fine weights.
I do knit more then any other craft. I find it relaxing, sit back a good movie and off I go in my own world.
The curiosity of weaving, I suspect will grow in 2014  working with a loom making cloth, It is so fascinating how a string becomes cloth either knit, crochet or weave.  Just love all the results.

What do you for see yourselves doing in 2014? Will you want to learn a new craft/hobby? Its a great way to keep you young and happy!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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