Friday, October 4, 2013

North Jersey Fiber Art Festival

Lockspun from Rainbow Twist Handspun!! 

 Today Karen and I went to the North Jersey Fiber Art Festival!  We had such fun meeting all the wonderful artist!!  This was our second booth our first purchase.  I just could not resist there were so many one of a kind hanks I wanted all but had to settle for one and soon as I got home my daughter claimed it!  You can actually feel the lanolin its so soft!!

100% silk from Apple Tree Knits Yarn

The next stop was at this very colorful booth with so many amazing hanks of yarn just hanging around for you pick!!  I took my time but when reached this one section of 100% silk I didn't move anymore! Karen and I just stood with our eyes set on these gorgeous hanks well of course had to have at least one.  It has 1094yds, its lace weight,  my hook is itching to get to work!!

 That's my loot three hanks the last is also a silk 100% cultivated  from Swoon Fibers and they also had some amazing fibers, but I had to limit myself.  And I was thrilled to find a yarn bowl. Plus some really cool stitch markers from June Pryce Fiber Arts also an Etsy seller. She also had some really interesting buttons interesting on how you apply to your knitting.  You need to see her Etsy shop!!

My new Yarn bowl and guess which yarn has already taken a seat?   :-)

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